In the Works

I've been working on two new novellas. 

One is a fantasy--along the lines of The Tournament, where the heroine was raised to be mild and compliant & slowly toughens up when she finds herself in the company of men who don't treat her with the care she's used to.

The other is a grimmish erotic dystopian about a sex worker employed by a government agency that supplies live-in companions to men who've taken work in remote, uninviting locations. The vibe is more simpatico with The Race, as the heroine hates her job and all the men she works for...until she meets someone who forces her out of the rut she's fallen into.

Not sure which I'll finish first. The truth is, writing the really dark erotica makes me feel sort of miserable and exhausted--I've made peace with the fact that I have disturbing fantasies, but there's a whole other level of ugly that starts up when I flesh them out with characters who have names and personalities.

But it seems like The Race is getting a much better reception than The Tournament--could be that it's better written, and the fact that I struggled with it is paying off. 

That's an incentive to push myself into a darker headspace.

When I finished The Race I really wanted to walk away from that world and never go back. I was horrified with myself.

But it's been long enough that I'm contemplating the idea of a sequel. Jora's story, at least--it would be so different from Bloodfeather's, and that might make it interesting.