Novella Length Fantasy

The Race. Man. This book spun out of a fantasy that I've had for years and years. But a little scenario that you store in your wank bank turns out to be so different from a book, which needs a story, and characters who have feelings, who react to events.

My little scenario is actually stolen from Georges Perec's book, W. It's a classic--taught in a lot of university French courses (that's where I read it).

Part of W is set on an island, a sort of dystopic training ground for perfect athletes. Perec describes a scenario like the one I write about in THE RACE. Men and women are segregated, so there's no understanding or respect between them. They meet only to compete in this terrible race, where the women run and the men chase them down and rape them.

But my novella, THE RACE, has a heroine. It's written from her perspective. She's been shaped by the island into a sort of perfect specimen. She's strong, she's vicious, she has no qualms about violence. 

When the novella opens, she's run three races and she's about to start her fourth. She's been raped dozens of times--and she's killed all the men who've raped her. 

But she's had enough. She's done with the crazy island and the stupid rules and the culture of strength above all. She's decided to escape.

So that's the novella. Running this terrible Race, then escaping. It was a really terrible world to spend time in. My heroine, Bloodfeather, is a damaged individual. 

She ends up meeting a good man. A man who's decided that he's done with the island, that there has to be a better way. They cooperate, and they get an HEA...but arriving at that HEA? Trying to figure out what could possibly convince my strong, vicious, damaged heroine to trust a man? 

Anyway, here's my little guide to the niche group of readers who would enjoy The Race:

1. People with rape fantasies.
2. People who vomit at novels where the rapist turns out to be the hero.
3. People who think it's cool to indulge a rape fantasy, and then see the rapist die on the next page. 
4. People who enjoy HEAs with a really nice, sweet hero who respects his partner's choices and cares about consent.