Shame: not my kink

Have been making progress on my upcoming novella, THE RACE. Another book with a heavy non-con element, but a flip or inverse of THE TOURNAMENT.

THE TOURNAMENT took place in a world without sexual shame. That ended up being the key to the worldbuilding. In Morrow, it's okay to have sex, to enjoy sex, to have multiple partners. Win or lose, women who enter The Tournament are proud of participating. 

The implied, but never explicitly stated, background to the Trials is that the men don't get many opportunities to be selfish lovers. The Tournament is their permission slip, license to think only of themselves for a little while.

So even though Ruby doesn't always enjoy her experiences during The Tournament, the setting is almost utopian. 

THE RACE is totally different. The sexes are segregated. Men and women only meet in violent competition. Consensual sex doesn't really exist in this world. Neither does pleasure, or love, or happiness. 

The non-con is much more non-con. My heroine kills the first two people who have sex with her, and she doesn't feel guilty about it. 

But it's still a world without sexual shame. Not my kink, I guess.