Domestic Affairs

Domestic Affairs is live on Amazon and Smashwords. Hopefully it will populate out to other retailers over the next few days--updates as they come.

I'm really excited about this new novella. It's got some light sci-fi elements--I'm hoping to make a series out of this one, and there's plenty of room to fill out the world. 

The basic idea is: sex work for the government. In space.

The heroine works for the Department of Domestic Affairs, which assigns licensed, live-in 'companions' to employees of private corporations who take jobs in desolate, unappealing parts of the galaxy.

As we find out in Domestic Affairs, this practice has spread to the elite. A contract with a licensed companion offers the wealthy certain legal protections that a more traditional marriage can't provide.

My heroine is, basically, a disgruntled civil servant. She's surly and drug-addicted but the Department of Domestic Affairs can't fire her, because she scrapes by doing bare minimum expected of her. 

The Department can, however, give her the worst assignments. The clients who cause trouble, mistreat their companions. 

It's sort of a dark, twisted take on the alpha billionaire trope. Like my other novels, the heroine walks an ugly road but reaches an HEA that suits her.