Couple big pieces of news. One is that I've released Leafling as a Kindle exclusive. 


Grown from a seed and shaped by a powerful magician into a pleasure slave, Petal has lived all her life in the peace and quiet of her Master's garden. 

Until a handsome prince wants Petal to accompany him--and his companions--on a long sea voyage. At her Master's command, Petal leaves the only home she's ever known to embark on an epic adventure. 

Petal joins the Prince on his quest. Along the way she'll be captured by pirates, presented to Kings, and discover her own power. 

Clicking on the cover will take you to Amazon.

Also, I got a new cover for The Tournament and I'm lowering the price to FREE. It's already free at Smashwords, at Barnes & Noble, and at the iBookstore, but it's taking a while for Amazon to price match. I'll make another post when Amazon finally sets the price to FREE.