Sweet Poison

I’ve got a new novella out—it’s a fantasy romance, longer than my usual at 38k (a very long novella or a very short novel). Check it out—I’ve recently moved all my books into Kindle Unlimited so if you’re a member, feel free to dive in.

As for Sweet Poison? It’s a lot of fun. It’s about a duke’s daughter, Lady Sophia min Ivar, who’s been poisoned with a diabolical love potion called firegroin. Firegroin makes its victims want to have sex… and it punishes them if they don’t give into their desires.

A mercenary with a dark past, Aleksi, is hired to escort her in secret through enemy territory, in hopes of finding a cure. And, of course, to ease her pain along the way.

As they travel, their secrets come to light. Who poisoned Sophia? Why is Aleksi so familiar with firegroin? He knows more than he should. 

The answers lie at the end of their journey, in a foreign court where the king and queen will recognize her name—and know her for an enemy. 

With danger all around, the greatest risk might be falling in love.

Only on Kindle.