Domestic Affairs


Kit Sawyer works for the government. It’s a sweet deal: easy work, good pay. Enough money to buy the drugs she needs to forget how much she hates having sex with good-for-nothing jerks.

Wait. Yeah. Maybe it’s not so sweet after all.

Kit lives on a remote planet, a wasteland colonized by intergalactic mining conglomerates. It’s an awful place, and nobody wants to be there. That’s where the Department of Domestic Affairs comes in. Employees sent to undesirable locations get a nice perk out of the deal: a live-in willing body. 

Kit goes where she’s told. Does what she has to. But she has a bad attitude, and it lands her in hot water. She’s sent to a problem client. A real creep, though he’s filthy rich. One of the elite. And she discovers, to her surprise, that even the high and mighty need a little companionship.

28,000 words

The Race


On the island, strength is everything.

Men live apart from women. They compete for every necessity: food, shelter, even sex. The winners live well. The losers die.

While the men fight, the women train. Their lives revolve around The Race. When the trumpet blows, the women run. For days, through untamed wilderness, with no supplies. 

The men give chase--and they take what they can catch.

Bloodfeather is a perfect specimen. She's fast, she's vicious, and she's won three Races. She's been caught--nobody reaches the finish line unscathed--but she left a trail of corpses behind her.

This time, it's not enough to win. She's going to escape.

23,000 words

The Tournament


In Morrow, any girl can become Queen. And most of them try.

To reach the throne, she must enter The Tournament. She must pass a series of Trials that test her sexual endurance and appetite. During the First Trial, all the soldiers of Morrow gather at the Tournament grounds to use the women as they please. When one soldier satisfies his desires, another takes his place. 

Ruby, a citizen of low birth, survives the First Trial only to discover that subsequent challenges are more difficult, and more delicious, than she could have dreamed.

37,000 words