The rulers of two warring kingdoms, having fought themselves to a standstill, decide to force a peace through marriage.

Saying that the king and queen--Kara and Gareth--loathe one another is putting it lightly. Each holds the other responsible for wartime atrocities. Each has watched friends, family, soldiers and citizens die. A river of blood runs through the gulf between them.

But it's peace or perish, so they choose peace. And if they want it to last, they need an heir. So Kara and Gareth agree to have sex once a day, every day, until Kara is pregnant. 

It's the last thing they want, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. In bed, at night, when the lights are off. So what if they like it? No one needs to know. 

Fantasy Romance, 11,000 words

#13 in the Exposed series of Taboo Forbidden Sexual Escapades

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