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When someone slips the Duke of Ivar’s daughter a diabolical love potion, he hires a mysterious mercenary to escort her secretly through hostile territory to find a cure… and ease her pain along the way, with sex.

Aleksi, the mercenary, knows only a fool would take the job. Even if he succeeds and returns Lady Sophia safe and sound, the duke might still want him dead. 

For her part, Lady Sophia wouldn’t trust Aleksi any further than she could throw him. He’s big and cold and foreign. He seems to like the perks of his job a little too much. 

As they travel, their secrets begin to unravel. Who poisoned Sophia? Why is Aleksi so familiar with the love potion? He knows more than he should. 

The answers lie at the end of their journey, in an exotic court where the king and queen will recognize her name—and know her for an enemy. 

With danger all around, the greatest risk might be falling in love.

Fantasy romance, 38,000 words.

Content warnings/lures: voyeurism, having sex while compelled by a love potion. No multiple partners.

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